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October 10th @ 10Pm
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About Radio Fiction
RADIO FICTION is a local band out of Central New Jersey. The full band
includes Rachel Rocco on lead vocals, Joe Chianese on Bass Guitar and
Vocals, Michael Nabinger on the Lead Guitar and Vocals, and Matthew Schifano
on Drums and Acoustic Guitar.

RADIO FICTION is known for their versatility and playing to the room as needed.
RADIO FICTION is mostly playing as a full band but can also be seen in other
forms such as acoustic duo's performed by Matthew Schifano and Rachel
Rocco, and acoustic trios performed by Matthew Schifano, Rachel Rocco, and
Joe Chianese.

RADIO FICTION is also proud to be joined by
Danny Coleman of ROCK ON
RADIO at different times on Drum set and Percussion.

Expect to see Radio Fiction performing cover as well as original music
throughout New Jersey and the tristate area.

RADIO FICTION covers artists from the 60's until today in many different genres
and styles. Come out and watch RADIO FICTION "Playing Music the Other Guys
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Rachel Rocco - Lead Vocals
Joe Chianese - Bass Guitar and
Matthew Schifano - Drums
and Acoustic Guitar
Michael Nabinger - Lead
Guitar and Vocals
Pete's Steakhouse
November 7th @ 10Pm
Pete's Steakhouse
December 5th @ 10Pm