"We play music that the others guys DON'T"
Genre: Rock
Members: Rachel Rocco, Joe Chianese, Matthew Schifano, and Michael Nabinger
Hometown: Central New Jersey
Record Label: Independent Artists
Rachel Rocco: Lead Vocals
Matthew W. Schifano: Drums and Acoustic Guitar
Joe Chianese: Bass Guitar and Vocals
Matthew W. Schifano is a founding member of Radio Fiction
with many different contributions. He is the drummer, rhythm
guitarist, and primary songwriter. Matt is a pocket drummer
which allows him to lock in with Joe at a profound level
giving the songs the drive and intensity that are needed.
Matthew's writing influences vary from singer-songwriter,
blues, folk, and country giving Radio Fiction the original
diverse sound that keeps audiences entertained.
Rachel Rocco is the lead vocalist of Radio Fiction and has
made herself a staple in the band. Rachel's part as a lead
vocalist for the cover band and original music has given the
band its signature sound. Rachel has sung with various
choirs, theater groups, and other local musicians from the
area. She is one more part that adds to the unique sound
that Radio Fiction has achieved to acquire.
Joe Chianese is the bassist and vocalist, also a founding
member, of Radio Fiction. Joe is a minimalist bass player
who's rhythms and fills are aimed to fill out and enhance the
music. Vocally Joe reaches out to most of his classic rock
and blues inspirations, but is able to add a touch of his own
sound and style that compliments the sound that Radio
Fiction has made their own.
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Michael Nabinger: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Michael Nabinger is the Lead Guitar and vocalist of Radio
Fiction. With a nice rhythm and style Michael is able to fill out
the full band sound. Michael has a nice voice that is very
complimentary of Joe and Rachel. Michael is also known in the
area for doing acoustic singles and is a well known and
respected musician that Radio Fiction is pleased to welcome
into the family. Michael has made himself known in the
community and adds something special to the signature
sound of Radio Fiction.